Guide On How To View A Property

Sell Halifax Real Estate is a firm based in Greater Halifax and our expert realtor, Johnny Dulong, services the areas of Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford, Cole Harbour, Lower Sackville and surrounding communities. Through our website at, clients will be able to search for properties they want to buy by doing a dedicated search for MLS listing using location, minimum and maximum prices and indicating the number of beds and baths they want. Sell Halifax Real Estate provides quality photos taken with drones for clients to see a bird’s eye view of the property but a house viewing is necessary before deciding. Here is a guide on how to check your chosen property carefully.

Check for signs of damp such as a mouldy smell, the ceilings and walls have watermarks and the plaster is already flaking. Make sure to inspect closely the skirting boards and areas close to the ceiling. If the room is recently repainted, be aware of the possibility that they might be covering signs of damp.

The house should be structurally sound and free from big cracks. Do not worry about hairline cracks as they are common. Big cracks are usually located in the bay windows, extension join and walls located at the end of the terrace. A surveyor should be contacted to inspect the house if you are not sure of worrying cracks.

Check the available storage space inside the house. There should be enough space so you can store your spare linens and towels, your vacuum cleaner and random junks. There should be space so you can add more shelves or cupboards if you want.

Look at the direction where the house is facing. This is an unimportant factor during the winter because of the weather but summertime is a different story. The property should be facing the right way so you have a house full of light compared to a dark house during the summer season.

Lastly, Sell Halifax Real Estate cautions buyers to look beyond the staging and make sure that the house has everything you need and more.